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After doing research, I’ve finally figured out when everything happened if we were to put them all in the same realm.

How To Train Your Dragon more than likely took place during the viking age, so there’s a huge gap for when it could have occurred.
The creators of Brave stated that Brave takes place in 10th century Scotland.
In Rise of the Guardians, Jack Frost stated that he’s been around for 300+ years. The movie came out in 2012 so I’m thinking it took place in that year because of the way the cities and towns look like. 2012 - 300 = 1712. 
Frozen was stated to take place somewhere around the 1800’s. Because Rapunzel and Eugene made a cameo in Frozen, with Eugene dressed as a Royal, I’m estimating that Frozen took place after Tangled and Tangled Ever After. So Tangled takes place in the same century.
I could be wrong though, but then again, in Hunchback of Notre Dame, you could see Belle make a cameo in the crowd, which makes sense since she’s french as well.
Just a bunch of Easter eggs for you.

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